Making Money From Clutter

The old saying goes, "One person's junk is another person's treasure." While helping people reclaim their spare rooms (aka "junk rooms"), basements, and garages, my clients and I come across lots of items that are no longer serving them that could be resold for some cold, hard cash.

another news clip where I discuss a free local classifieds site I've partnered with that's perfect for de-cluttering your home or office. The site is ( in the Atlanta market), and it's owned by the international auction site, Unlike ebays auctions, however, transactions are handled locally between the buyer and seller. The seller posts the item on kijiji's user-friendly site for a set price (no bidding necessary), and then meets the buyer locally to exchange the goods for cash or check.

Plus the buyer gets to touch and see the item before they buy. And because it's the responsibility of the buyer to transport the item home, it's easy for sellers to get rid of larger items like furniture and even cars. If your goal is to make a little money while getting clutter out of your home or garage, see if has made it into your market.