31 Days of Self-Congratulations

It's New Year's again and all the magazines and newspapers are talking about New Year's Resolutions, those daggum lists that are supposed to magically fix all that's wrong with us. Now, I've got nothing against goal setting. Heck, I THRIVE on setting and reaching my goals. But how about we try something a little different this year?

My good friend and founder of Hatch life coach program, Melissa Grossman, has come up with a cool alternative to New Year's resolutions that is life-affirming instead of self-hating. She's "triple-dog daring" us throw out those resolutions and, instead, make a list of the good stuff from 2007. Instead of making promises to ourselves that we probably won't keep anyway, she's proposing that we highlight the positive things we accomplished during the past 12 months.

Here's how it works. Go to her blog, 31 Days of Self-Congratulations, and name 31 positive things about yourself, one for each of the 31 days of January. You can post a new accomplishment every day or, if you think you may have a hard time posting daily, you can post your whole list of 31 at once by using the "Share your 31" link at the top of the blog. Feel free to name something as small as helping a kitten out of a tree or as big as having the guts to start a new business.

I decided to take this challenge and am going to try and post everyday. I've already got my list made out and, let me tell you, it was fun to write. At first I had a hard time remembering enough good deeds and accomplishments from 2007. But the more areas of my life I considered, the easier it got. I think I'm going to enjoy this challenge a lot more than trying to give up dessert and cussing (as if!).

Now, you're not going to back down from a triple-dog dare, are you? Head on over to 31 Days of Self-Congratulations and don't be modest. I'm sure you can come up with at least 31 good deeds and positive attributes for yourself. While your at it, check out the site for Hatch, Melissa's one-to-one coaching services. She's a heck of a Life Coach and, if you're a single gal or a freelancer, she'll help you add to your self-congrats list for 2008!


creatingorderfromchaos said...

Hello and greetings from Australia. Thank you for your insightful writing. I'm so glad I found you.

You and I have a lot in common! - Angela

Suellen said...

Welcome to Better Organized, my fellow organizing friend. Now I have someone to visit in Australia!