Mom's Favorite Organizer

This is the time of year when many of you pick out a new calendar or organizer to help you plan your days, weeks and months. Wait, let me rephrase that. This is when the paper calendar lovers pick up a new calendar. Amongst my Professional Organizing clients, I've found that there are old-school paper calendar fans and there are electronic calendar fans. I'm one of the technology converts (some call us geeks) who keeps my schedule on my hand held iPhone and Google calendar.

If you like to use a non-electronic, paper organizer and you're a mom with kids, let me recommend a calendar created just for moms by moms. The Mom Agenda is a unique calendar that begins in August 2007 (the month school starts for most kids) and runs through December 2008. It features pages for planning your month, and pages for planning your week. But best of all, it has separate spaces for each kid and even has a place to plan each day's menu. Plus it comes in the cutest colors and has the prettiest fonts. If I ever ditch the iPhone (AS IF!!!), I'd use this calendar even though I don't have wee ones. I'd just use the bottom section for biz-related stuff and the top for my personal life.

The Mom Agenda is on sale right now at See Jane Work for $31.50, a savings of over ten bucks.

What calendar do you love and why? Leave us a comment to spread the word on your fave.