Organizing Tools: Non-Toxic Cleaners

I recently discussed the basic ingredients for a well-stocked cleaning caddy, but I didn't cover the specific cleaning products that you may want to include. Since the majority of us are trying to "go green" and use less toxic cleaning products, I thought I would mention some of my favorite non-toxic cleaners along with some recommendations from the wonderful Apartment Therapy blog.

We'll start with some of my favorite name brands:

  • method. I love method products because they are non-toxic, they use 100% recycled plastic in their packaging, and they smell incredible. I purchase my method products at Target. Their selection is always awesome (unless there is a sale going on). Specifically, I use the the All Surface Pink Grapefruit for counters and general cleaning, Tub + Tile Eucalylptus Mint for tile walls and floors, and Daily Shower Ylang Ylang as my daily tub and shower curtain cleaner (just spray on when you're done with your shower). I also recently picked up method's Citrus Cilantro Aroma Spray for a deodorizer in the bathroom. It smells so clean!
  • Simple Green. We've used Simple Green's All Purpose Cleaner as one of our primary household cleaners ever since being exposed to it at a bicycle maintenance class. The instructor used it as his bicycle cleaner, so my bike-riding husband picked up a bottle. Years later, we use it so often we buy the industrial size refill. Like method's products, Simple Green is non-toxic and biodegradable. You can use it on most any surface except glass (it streaks). It's an incredible stain remover too. We've used it to remove red wine stains on white kitchen counters, blood on shirts, lipstick, etc. You can find it in most any grocery or hardware store.
  • Bon Ami Polishing Cleanser Founded in 1886, Bon Ami can't be beat for cleaning sinks, toilets, and anything else needing a powder cleanser that doesn't scratch. Because it contains no perfume, bleach, detergent, or dye, it's recommended for those who are sensitive to chemicals.
Here are some other non-toxic cleaning products recommended on the Apartment Therapy blog:
And, finally, my grandmother's favorite ingredients for homemade (and low cost) cleaners: white vinegar, baking soda, lemon juice, and distilled water. In different combinations, those four items can clean just about any mess you can make.

What are your favorite "green" cleaners?


Jeri Dansky said...

I'm currently using Ecover's glass & surface cleanser, and Seventh Generation's free & clear laundry detergent.

I haven't yet tried the Method products, but it's something I intend to do.

Suellen said...

Jeri- The method line has the best smelling products, in my opinion, though I haven't tried Ecover and Seventh Generation yet. I've been afraid to switch from Tide laundry detergent after a really bad allergic reaction to another detergent. Maybe I need to venture out to the Seventh Generation line.