Multi-Tasking Women Are Never Too Busy to Vote!

My friend Kyle Young, founder of the fun website, has a new campaign going. Kyle has recently started a new site at to encourage all of us busy women (and men!) to get out and vote in this year's election.

Remember, EVERY VOTE COUNTS! So practice good time management, open your calendar to November 4th, and make a note to vote. Yes, you may have to wait in line to practice this right, but it will be worth it to participate in the process and have your voice heard! Heck, in many states, you can vote early and avoid some of the anticipated long lines.

NEVER TOO BUSY TO VOTE is non-partisan and doesn't tell you who to vote for. They just ask that every woman in America get out and vote. If you have a blog, website, or just like to chat, encourage your readers to go to and they'll give you what you need to help spread the word and get the conversation started.

Together, we can make things happen!