20% Off Everything in The Container Store!

My husband and I were in New York City for a long weekend last month and I finally got a chance to browse through one of the mythical New York City Container Stores. When I worked for TCS part time a few years ago, they were just opening the first NYC store. Because of the uniqueness of the New York retail world (stores with relatively small footprints) and lifestyle (very few people have cars for pickups), lots of creativity was involved in designing the NYC stores and their delivery systems. I squealed with delight when we rounded the corner on our way to the WFMU Record Fair and saw the big blue sign for The Container Store. You see, I'm married to a hardcore record collector, and I usually have to spend a few hours reading a book whenever he drags me to a record show. This time I got to play in my own little organized toy store while he flipped through thousands of vinyl LPs and 45s.

Speaking of The Container Store, this week I received my TCS email letting me know that they are extending their sale tied to Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour (with my secret boyfriend Peter Walsh). From now until November 30, 2008, you can get 20% off of everything in the store, including elfa shelving. Be sure to print out and bring the coupon on The Container Store's site if you are shopping at one their retail locations. If you don't have a store near you, you can shop online and use the code CLUTTERCREW at checkout or order by phone after downloading the coupon from The Container Store's home page.

If you're at the Perimeter TCS store in Atlanta Sunday afternoon, you're likely to run into me. But if you're too busy to do your own shopping for organizing products, remember that any of the Creative Order organizers can share their TCS discount with you year round. To schedule a personal shopper during the holidays, just call (404) 271-2111 or send me an email at suellen at creative order dot com.