Container Store / Oprah Special Offer

In partnership with "Oprah's Clean Up Your Messy House Tour", The Container Store is offering
20% off
storewide sale through March 1, 2009.

This discount can be used on everything in the store, including The Container Store's awesome elfa shelving solutions.

Go to to get the coupon for in-store purchases or you can order online and use the promo code CLUTTERCREW.

Also happening at The Container Store is their annual Tax Time Sale where you can find discounts on really cute folders like the ones above.

I always encourage my organizing clients to stock up on translucent plastic file tote boxes this time of year because you can find them on sale at The Container Store or almost any office supply store.

Tip: Post-tax time is the perfect time of year to evaluate your file drawers and pull out those files that can be thrown out, shredded, or stored outside of your active work area in such places as an attic, garage, or basement. Just don't forget to label the plastic file boxes before you move them to their new, out-of-the-way home.

I don't recommend storing old files in cardboard banker boxes because the boxes can begin to fall apart in humid environments, are easy for rodents and bugs to get into, and they don't stack as securely as plastic bins.