Recyclng Electronics

When I am organizing my clients, they'll often have old televisions, computers, monitors and other electronics that they've never gotten rid of because they aren't sure of the best, most environmentally friendly disposal options.

Here are a few suggestions for folks in the Atlanta area:

  • The City of Decatur hosts its Electronics Recycling event in the spring and the fall of each year. This year's spring event is coming up next weekend on March 28. Bring your old televisions, computers, fax machines, telephones, stereo equipment, electric lawn equipment, etc. to the Decatur High School parking lot from 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. They are even recycling clean Styrofoam and old batteries. Note that there is a charge of $10 (exact change requested) for television donations. For a more detailed list of acceptable donations, go to
  • Keep Atlanta Beautiful has partnered with Atlanta Public Schools to provide e-waste recycling drop-off centers in the City of Atlanta. They have kicked off a program at Grady High School which gives students and local neighbors a permanent location to recycle old electronics every third Saturday of the month. The drop-off location is currently at the 8th Street parking lot across from Grady. For more information and a detailed list of acceptable donations, click here.
  • A company that my husband has used for computer repair, HM Solutions Incorporated, recently sent us an email saying, "If you have any computer equipment you do not use, please contact us. We will take your old equipment, recondition it, and donate it to a worthy cause, whether it be an underprivileged individual or to a family who cannot afford a computer." For more information about this program, please contact Bobby Sahij at
These are just a few of the electronics recycling opportunities available. Google "Electronics Recycling" and include your city or county name, and you'll find even more convenient options.