Hoarding Causes Car Accident

Last week, a car crash in the Cape Cod area was discovered to have been caused by falling mounds of trash...from inside the vehicle. The Ford Focus was completely filled with trash from floor to ceiling. The 53-year-old driver said that trash fell onto the gas and brake pedal, causing her to lose control while backing out of a parking space. Fortunately, no one was hurt as she crossed three lanes of traffic before crashing into another vehicle and stopping at a nearby gas station.

Like most cases of hoarding, it doesn't end there. Concerned about the state of her vehicle, the police later went to the woman's home and found similar conditions. According to a news story, they found three cars full of household items and debris. Additionally, her front door was bowed out due to the amount of stuff in her home. In the end, the police helped the woman move out of her home because they didn't think the house was safe. Steps are now being taken by the town's Health Department to have the home condemned.

Cases like these are due to a psychological condition known as hoarding. If left unchecked, it can obviously create a real safety risk to the person with the condition. If you or anyone you know may have this condition, please seek help among your local mental health providers. Additionally, you can go to the National Association of Professional Organizer's website, www.napo.net, and search for Professional Organizers in your area who are specially trained to work with folks who suffer from chronic disorganization challenges.