Organizing on Oprah

Oprah is on an organizing and personal improvement roll this week!

Today's (Weds., Feb 7) Oprah show is titled "This is the Year to DeClutter Your Life" and it features Peter Walsh from TLC's "Clean Sweep." He'll be helping two families reclaim their homes from the chaos of clutter.

But it's tomorrow's show (Thurs., Feb 8) on The Secret that I'm most excited about. I received a copy of The Secret DVD for my birthday last year (thanks, Dad!) and I absolutely love it. It teaches the techniques and, well, secrets that high achievers have used throughout history to accomplish seemingly impossible goals and live amazing lives. Based on the law of attraction and the power of intention, the lessons in The Secret can be used by anyone looking to make their dreams come true. You'll hear me refer to these concepts often in this "Better Organized" blog, because they are the foundation principles upon which I've built my life.

Tomorrow's episode features some of the contributors from The Secret including Jack Canfield, the creator of the "Chicken Soup" books and author of a couple of my favorite personal improvement books, "The Success Principles" and "The Aladdin Factor." So tune into Oprah and be prepared to be movitated!